Vansh Clinic is a well known name in Jodhpur. It is small sex clinic in Jodhpur owned and operated by Dr. Siddharth Pujari (BAMS) & Dr. Amruta Pujari (BAMS). They started clinic in 2015 with name “Piles Fistula Care Center“. Here, they were treating only patients who were suffering from piles, fissure and fistula.

After 3 years they realized that a lot of people are getting issues in their sexual lives and they are consulting them regarding it. The couple decided to start a sex clinic in Jodhpur where they can advice and counsel people to live a better marital life.

At Vansh Clinic, we do sex counseling to his patients who are suffering from sexual disorders. People usually hesitate or become shy while discussing their sex issues with doctors. Also, doctors treat their issues with medicines that can quickly cure problems but can also have several side effects. This is why, we at  ‘Vansh Clinic’ decided to make use of ayurvedic treatment of sexual disorders. To protect privacy of patients and to make them feel comfortable while discussing their sexual problems with doctor, we started online consultation. Now, you can get answers to all your questions over phone and medicines via whatsapp.

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